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Studio: Interiors, Buildings, Cities

Delft University of Technology

Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment

MSc1 – Spring 2019

Professor: Leontine de Wit, Susanne Pietsch, and Ruurd Kuijilenburg

Studio Background

The project concerns the reinterpretation and transformation of the south wing of
the former monastery St. Agatha in Delft, where today a center for the creative industry is located under the name “Het Prinsenkwartier”. After the first years of its existence, Het Prinsenkwartier needs to be recalibrated. The current organization of the interiors and their relationship to urban space should be reconsidered. In view of the planned large-scale reconstruction of the Prinsenhof Museum, which occupies the remaining part of the former monastery, the role of the Prinsenkwartier must also be redefined. The focus is on the transitions between the different areas and the elaboration of their architectural character. The program includes exhibition and salesrooms, a café, a maker space, lecture halls, and offices. Further programme items can be added on a case-by-case basis, such as artist residences or parts of the Prinsenhof Museum programme.

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