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Baidu Xirang Metaverse Art Center Competition 百度希壤艺术馆竞赛

February 2022

Group Member: Lonas Chiu, Xianghui Kong, Chao Chang


Art galleries in the Metaverse should be a decentralized but closely interconnected community complex. This collaborative space generates various forms of artistic interaction, avatar social activities (NFT trading), and other proprietary events. The main design concept is to make an open and transparent environment as dynamic as possible, presenting a highly interactive and adaptable space. Because of its spatial quality, this project is imbued with a sense of cooperation with the unknown, while also bringing endless possibilities for a highly exploratory interactive experience in the Metaverse. The design includes exterior and interior spaces.

我们视元魔方数字艺术馆为一个去中心化却又互相联系紧密的复合体,它成为一个产生有多形式艺术交互,用户社交,NFT买卖等多种活动的集合空间。我们的设计遵循了一个简单而直接的愿景: 尽可能使开放通透的展览环境充满活力,呈现一个高互动性和高适应性的空间。由于这种空间特性,这个项目不仅被注入了一种与未知合作的感觉,也为在元宇宙中的高探索性的交互体验带来了无尽的可能。

The Lao Tzu said, “Tao begat one; One begat two; Two begat three; Three begat all things.” The universe consists of the smallest molecules of matter, assembled into dynamic changes. The essence of the evolution of the universe is to transcribe, display, and express different types of information through various interactions. The Rubik’s Cube is a simplified model of the universe. People constantly altering the Rubik’s Cube do so by affecting the form and conjunction of existing information. In this model, color and data correspond in combinations that are constantly affected by the changing interpretation of the Rubik’s Cube itself. When time and space meet in the online world and people meet in virtual reality, another dynamic form of the universe emerges-the Metaverse. In computational visualization, a bitmap image is divided into the smallest units --- pixels, which coincides with the decentralization concept of the Metaverse. These pixel combinations and transformations are like our rotating Rubik’s cube, forming our colorful parallel universe. The combination and transformation of these pixels constitute our colorful parallel universe, like when the levels of the Rubik’s Cube are rotating and shifting. Based on this understanding, we propose the Kubic Universe of Meta-Art (KUMA).

我老子说‘道生一,一生二,二生三,三生万物“,现实的物理宇宙由最小的物质分子构成,组合成动态的千变万化,春秋冬夏。宇宙演化的实质是通过各种相互作用转录、显示和表达不同的信息。其实魔方就是宇宙的简化模型。人们不断的翻转魔方就是不断的改变信息的存在组合表达形式。而那些不断翻转出来的颜色组合也诠释了魔方自身具有的不同的信息组合。当时间与空间在网络世界交汇,人们在虚拟现实中相聚,另一种动态形式出现在我们眼前----元宇宙。在计算机图形中,位图图像即为被分割成的若干个小方格,即最小单位是像素点,这与元宇宙的去中心化概念不谋而合。这些像素点组合变换如同我们旋转魔方,构成了我们丰富多彩的平行宇宙。基于此理解,我们提出了元 · 魔方数字艺术馆:Kubic Universe of Meta-Art (KUMA)。

This small, random cube encloses the space, bringing avatars into another realm. At this time, the cube is not only a container for artworks but also a representation of the artistic experience. Many negative spaces unexpectedly connect adjacent spaces, activating the complex cube’s interior depths. The overall layout invites a unique condition in which light and darkness coexist harmoniously. 


As the intersection and meeting point of circulation, the corridor is a public space for exhibition and human intervention. The Digital Art Museum provides a platform of spaces and an extraordinary visual immersion of artificial bio-space. The innate spirit of communal contribution attracts avatars to create a decentralized digital art gallery together. Spatially, the digital art gallery does not have a center, but rather various open-access nodes serve as community platforms scattered throughout the cube. The highly versatile exhibition space is capable of hosting a variety of contemporary art forms, such as painting, sculpture, film, performance, installation, and environmental art. The digital art museum immerses avatars in an underground space. Within the digital media, a state of interlaced and undulating circulation is maintained via holographic projection, displaying the shifting exigencies of the digital realm. These projections of existing and potential realities offer endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. Avatars receive a unique experience from the unrestricted space arrangement in the virtual world which constantly stimulates curiosity, encourages them to explore, and provides the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature. The natural exhibition space around the KUMA has also become a bridge between the virtual world and reality and provides avatars an illusion of paradise, which is visually and emotionally relieved. The appearance of NFT makes replicas meaningless and allows users to understand the exclusiveness of digital art and realize that each individual has the opportunity to participate in this creative Metaverse. 



With all that has been explored and discovered, it always starts with an inspired mind.


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