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Audio Performance: Herj Factory Journey

Studio: Forgetting Architecture

Iowa State University

College of Design

Arch 403/603 – Fall 2019

Professor: Mitchell Squire

Studio Background

This studio is focusing on the idea of "forgetting architecture" by looking closely at its relationship to memory and memorialization. By understanding the "instrumentality of architecture" specifically, this studio is going to speculate on important issues that shape the people and the world by conducting innovative research and providing unconventional responses. 

This section of Arch 403/603 will take a field trip to Venice Italy to engage La Biennale Arte 2019 – The 58th International Art Exhibition, titled "May You Live in Interesting Times”. During the field trip, Mitchell Squire and Peter Goché led an on-site workshop in association with the Venice Biennale Art Exhibition. The Biennale theme of this year’s exhibition could be interpreted as the expression of “interesting times”. For studio, teamwork started with their understanding of "a factory of disposable feelings, archives of memories that never were". 

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